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Every home is a living, breathing entity and as such needs love and attention in order to thrive.  The quality of everyday living stretched out over a lifetime is far more important than the exclamation marks or grand occasions that punctuate life haphazardly.

The Deans founded the Academy because so many domestic pursuits have ceased to be pursued and therefore people's quality of life is demising without their even noticing.  They realized soon after opening the Academy that, tragically, not everyone can attend their seminars in person, no matter how great their need.  A textbook was mandatory so that their lessons could reach everyone.  Enrobed in their Dean's gowns, they sat down to put to paper their mighty message - and the book wrote itself.  

We are two experts who are not afraid to tell you what to do.  We have been living in, and proudly running, our houses for twenty-five years.  People ask our advice all the time because they can see that we enjoy living in our houses - and we make it look easy.  That is because we have put so much thought and energy into how we do our jobs around the house.  We celebrate everything.  

Living life as an Academy grad will make your life twice as charming.



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Suzanne, wife and mother of four adult children, including twins, is a co-author of two books,Entertaining for Dummies and The Pat Conroy Cookbook. She was a spokesperson for Federated Department Stores. Pollak was born in Beirut, Lebanon and spent the first 18 years of her life in Africa where her father was a diplomat.


Lee, mother of two school-age daughters, is a preeminent Charleston hostess. She is an internationally educated cook, who can set a table with over 100 utensils and butcher a side of beef.