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A Mah-velous Party

The Deans

st. germa close angled
st. germa close angled

Both Deans were invited so that told us right there that the party was on the right track.

The main reasons we loved it so much:

· The party was impromptu and we felt like going out.

· It was in honor of an out of town guest who we had never met. A TV star to boot.

· Delicious food displayed on platters everywhere we looked.

· Our hostess had enough food to satisfy the hungriest of the participants with no need to supplement with an added dinner.

· The attendees were limited to fifteen, which ensured everyone felt honored to be there.

· With only fifteen people the Deans were able to check in with everybody and have prolonged discussions with quite a few.

· There were familiar faces but several new ones too.

· Lit candles lined the walkway, and two subtle flower arrangements were all the décor necessary. The candles to generate excitement and the flowers to say you are wanted. No detail was too over the top, which both Deans shy away from.

The Deans consider themselves lucky to have been invited and give the party a unreserved A+. We loved getting out of our own houses, especially the test kitchen, and being guests for awhile instead of hosting classes. What a treat!