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Ask the Deans: Perfection and the Housekeeping

The Deans

Perfectionism: Life is too short.
Perfectionism: Life is too short.

Dear Deans, 

I love to entertain - the cooking, socializing, etc. However, the thing that stresses me out the most is the feeling that I need my home in tip-top shape, cleaned from top to bottom. I have an 8 year old son, and he does a wonderful job keeping his room up and picking up after himself. So, most of my entertaining is hosting other couples that have children. How can I get out of this "perfectionism" mindset regarding my house. My husband says we have to have the cleanest home on the block! 

Thank you so much for your help! CNM

Dean CNM,

Waiting for your house to be perfect is akin to waiting for the perfect time to have a baby. There is no true state of perfection. You just have to commit to a party at your house and follow through with it. Guests are not judging. They will be glad for a night out and they don't want to criticize, they want to have fun. We will make a bet that you are not nearly as harsh about other's houses as you are about your own. Go a bit easier on yourself. And have a great party. After the first one or two, you will get in the groove.

Be sure to let us know how it goes.

Best regards, The Deans

These graceful and stylish entertaining and cooking tips are brought to you by the The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, in magnificent Charleston, South Carolina.