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Bamboozled Into Situations

Suzanne Pollak



When you are a third wheel and you know it, how do you get out?

You have several options here, but your path is clear.  You must extricate your self as soon as possible.  As we now live in an age of constant communication, you could have another friend come meet you and peel off with him.  You could feign a headache and grab a taxi home.  You could say you need to leave because of some home emergency.  Just be sure you leave.  Don't "tough" it out.  You will find yourself feeling lonely and depressed and who wants that?

Slightly high people want the party to keep going and won't take no for an answer. How do you leave?

Dean Manigault considers herself an expert in the arena of departures.  The best way to get away from people who do not want you to leave is to not tell them you are leaving.  Simply rise and pretend you are going to the restroom or a different room, then sail out the door.  The revelers that are left behind won't notice your absence until you are long gone.  If the doorway is in plain sight, pretend you are getting something from your car or grabbing a pack of smokes from the bodega down the street, and assure them you will be right back.  Your friends will just be jealous that they did not leave with you.  No one has ever woken up wishing they'd had one more.

A tip Dean Pollak has heard is to leave your coat in your car with your chauffeur. This way, when it's time to leave, you can zip away without finding the coat room.

When someone asks which date in the future are you free to come to dinner, after you have already declined their invitations several times? What is your answer?

Wasting your precious time on unwished for social engagements is robbing yourself of your most valuable commodity.  Time inevitably becomes our most treasured asset.  If a person or couple won't leave you alone about a forthcoming date, dig your heels and become emphatic.  

Use anything at your disposal. My spouse is traveling so much, we cannot make a definite plan. Not sure what my schedule looks like that far in the future. Some people are literally tone deaf. Keep singing your song until they hear you.

What happens when same sex partners come for dinner?  Do you seat boy girl boy girl or throw that out the window?

We are in the dawn of a new age and therefore new rules are needed. Boy/girl, boy/girl cannot be honored if there are not enough boys and girls.  Don't fret. Just seat your table in the most spark igniting configuration and sit back and enjoy the show.