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Mea Culpa

Suzanne Pollak

The Deans sent out our SOS and the Academy mailroom was flooded instantly.

We were not alone! Our guilt has been assuaged because you all have done far worse than we could even think of doing. We are pussycats compared to some of you. One student missed a dinner with a reigning Queen, while yet another transposed Friday and Saturday for a black tie Gala in their honor. While the couple had a romantic dinner for two on Friday with the anticipation of the gala on Saturday (pre-cell phone) they got back to their hotel room to find the police and a private detective because everyone assumed something fatal must have happened to them.

Debby Marlowe, from the Wine Shop, says a no show requires immediate attention. Send a bottle of a famous name wine by special courier the next morning with note: BYC-Beyond My Control- I so regret not being there.


Perhaps our favorite is the simplest and most personal. A writer who wished to remain nameless met the host face to face and said, ‘I have no excuse.’ She owned up to her mistake, gave a heartfelt apology and promised to do better in the future. When she was invited back, she was the first one to arrive with a lavish to modest gift and a party all night attitude.

Our newest fan club President, Celeste, offers up the following advice:

‘Darlings, I do have the perfect solution and it is elegantly simple. Go to Taffin and buy a candle (we love) for the unrequited hostess. Be sure it is Senteurs d' Orangeraie. It is an unbelievably luxurious fragrance that evokes a hint of remorse, the perfect gift. Simple. –

Ta, Celeste’