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Practice. Practice. Practice.

The Deans

everyday cooking
everyday cooking

Recently, the Deans have read two different articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times about practice and how it makes perfect. We could have saved scientists hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours.  Of course practice improves proficiency in any task from cello-playing to ragu-making.  If you are giving your first ever holiday party, know this one will be the hardest.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Once you’ve given one party, the process is in your bones and the next one will be a comparative breeze.

The Deans have been making our families' favorite foods for years and we no longer have to agonize over every step.  Practice makes the steps automatic and frees our brains to think about businesses we want to run, parties we want to have and the book we are writing.  The only way to truly multi-task is to know how to do one chore without thinking.  Entertaining becomes easier and more fun every time you do it.  The trick we are putting up your sleeve is our practice on family and friends. Cook the same recipes over and over until they become your own.  Then, not only will be easy for you to prepare, but they will taste better as well.