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CADP Mentions

A. K. Lister

There seems to be a flurry of Academy news, interviews, and posts all over the World Wide Web!  When the attention comes from such lovely ladies with blogs to match, we simply have to share.

9/8 - Gray is the New Blond

Lisa, from Atlanta, GA, blogs "to encourage women to become their best selves as they age, without worrying about someone else's traditions, labels or stereotypes."  After attending an Academy class, she called on the Dean for an exclusive interview on just that.

"What I Learned from the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits"

9/15 - Because I Say So

Your guide to etiquette, sage advice & wisdom, saucy wit, scrumptious food & serendipitous retail, with Mimi & Mademoiselle.

"Serendipitous Southern Hospitality," "20Q with Dean of Southern Etiquette Suzanne Pollak," "The Academy's Southern Biscuit," "Family Matters," "Roger Vivier"

9/15 - Meristocracy

Noun: A State Governed by Mer, Superior and Elite in Ruling

"The Dean"