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Essential Dinners: Stock Pot 9/23

Suzanne Pollak

At the Academy, we live and die by our many useful mottos.  One is, Beware of recipes that require you to buy more equipment!  With this in mind, we established our Essential Dinners series, in order to teach students to utilize the standard workhorses already sitting in their home kitchens.

Starting with the trusty Stock Pot and a saucepan, improve your repertoire of one-dish dinner party standouts, and get a leg up on the busy work week with freezer-friendly family meals.  Let the Dean show you how to make stock, soup, stew, and gumbo so you too can make four dinners, for dozens, in just one morning -- enough food for tonight, tomorrow, and next week's dinner party.

The Academy lunchroom will be positively overflowing, so stay for lunch!  Join the Dean at her table, where she will reveal her simple secrets for making each recipe stand out, and the trick to cooking multiple recipes at the same time.  Go home with new recipes you will feel confident executing on your own at home, plus kitchen wisdom, entertaining tips, new friends, and all the leftovers you can carry...

After a single Academy class, the only question is: what can't you accomplish?