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Get the Buzz


Get the Buzz

Suzanne Pollak

What’s on the front burner at the Academy these days? BEE HIVES, two in fact! 100,000 bees are buzzing around the back garden -- for mathematicians, 100,000 bees equals three pounds of bees -- flying to and fro, from the potted lemon and orange trees in the garden where they gather pollen, to as far as two miles around Charleston gathering even more pollen to make their honey. And no bee sting yet on anyone, even though a few cocktail parties have occurred in the backyard since the arrival of the bees.

The bees have generated interest from four-year-old Lily, who seems most fascinated with the “Boss Queen." Where is she, what is her role and why does she never leave the hive? Mr Dean enjoys relaxing with his La Croix cocktail at sunset watching the bees fly back to the hives, landing like miniscule planes on an aircraft carrier. 

The bees have been busy! In their first 48 hours, they produced the super cool honey comb shown above. If the bees produce at this rate the Academy will harvest so many pounds of honey we may have to change our mission. In the meantime, expect the Academy to work as hard as the bees to make your life more rewarding and beautiful with honey recipes galore for cocktails, poultry, pork, puddings and cakes, even facial masks and allergy medicines.