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Giving the Gift of Thanks

Suzanne Pollak

The most flattering way to say thank you is to show a person that they have been listened to. The Deans are going to give you four examples that we feel go above and beyond, and that we have witnessed ourselves in the last four weeks.

  • When a thank you gift arrived from Amazon, generous in its own right, the label read “The Fabulous Dean Pollak” Dean Pollak grinned from ear to ear. Just embellishing the label was enough to make an ordinary brown Amazon box as exciting as a bright orange Hermes box.
  • Dean Pollak had some people over for business and later when one came back to socialize (proving once again that we use our houses for business and pleasure, usually as the same time) she overheard Dean Pollak say she loves beer, so she procured from Dean Pollak’s favorite Beer Exchange the six different beers that were Pollak's favorites.
  • Dean Pollak lost her favorite hat, only obtainable in London on Bond Street, so when she bemoaned to her neighbor that London did not seem in her immediate future, her neighbor took it upon herself to track down the hat, and even sent it Charleston bound with someone who was returning sooner than she was, so that Dean Pollak could start wearing it immediately. Totally unexpected, but a totally welcome treat.
  • Sometimes a gift does not have to come in a tangible form. At the Deans’ latest speech (where we sold 400 books, even blowing ourselves away) our favorite priest, Father Gavin Dunbar, Rector of St. John’s Church in Savannah, Georgia, sat rapt in the audience taking copious notes. We thought he was boning up for his next dinner party, but in fact he wrote us a thoughtful and generous email pointing out his ideas to facilitate making our message stronger and mightier. Coming from a man who gives a sermon at least once a week, Father Dunbar’s opinion is of the upmost importance to us.

If you are going out in the near future, and personalized gifts such as the ones above do not immediately jump to the forefront of your mind, we declare that our book is a never miss. Whether your friend likes pork, pies, parties or is just in need of a good laugh, our book is an ever present reminder of your thoughtfulness. A bottle of wine or a box of chocolates will be consumed within the hour, while our book is on its way to becoming a family heirloom.