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Ice Man Cometh to the Charleston Academy

Suzanne Pollak

Old Man Winter rarely shows his face in Charleston; one of the primary reasons the Deans are located here. This winter he graced us with his presence not once, not twice, but on four separate days. Heretofore, Dean Manigault's daughters have never had a snow day, and now they have not had a full week of school since Christmas break. We can't speak about other children, but Dean Manigault's have started grunting unintelligibly and have lost almost all their reading and mathematical skills. Dean Manigault fears poking her head in their bedroom, lest these two feral beasts rise up out of their beds and attack. Too many days off is just that: too many.

This may sound like enough travesty for Dean Manigault to have had to endure, but a far more shocking event took place during the ensuing storm. For the first time in history, the Academy had to shutter its doors due to inclement weather. The ripple effect was felt Charleston wide and it's not clear that our students have fully recovered, even now. With the Ravenel Bridge iced up (that bridge is more delicate than a hot house flower), the Deans were cut off from the necessary comestibles that Whole Foods and Southern Seasons provide for our instructions. The Academy shut down made the government shut down of 2013 pale in comparison. 

Where were you during Ice Storm 2014 and how did you fare? Next time you are locked in you have nothing to fear because the Deans can be with you holding your hand all through the stormy night.

Love, Love,

Deans Pollak and Manigault