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September 2015 DEAN'S LIST

Suzanne Pollak

These are a few of our favorite things...

Clockwise from 11 O'clock:

  • Ostrich Kelly Handbag - Hermes (25 years ago!)
  • Wooden Bowl, filled with limes for Muchas Margaritas - from a fallen tree on our lot at the Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill, Georgia. 
  • Candle - Taffin
  • A Curious Invitation
  • Petrified Wood Coasters - found while shopping in NYC
  • Embroidered "Cocktail" Napkins - vintage, but our favorites are from Leron.
  • Silk Scarf - Ibu
  • Olive Bowl Set - vintage Steuben
  • Bronze Bowl with almonds - from a friend/ceramicist in NYC
  • Gold Serving Tray - Moss (sadly, no longer in business.)
  • Printed Brass Tray - Somalia
  • Cocktail Glass - vintage Steuben, "Tortoise" pattern
  • Bourbon - Pappy : )

What are your favorite things?  To nominate a product of you own for appearance on an upcoming Dean's List, contact us!