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Blowout for Bethesda Boys

Suzanne Pollak

Wednesday morning both Deans were up bright and early so we could get to our presentation for the Bethesda Arch Series in Savannah, Georgia. We thought the ladies had been ambitious ordering 400 books for us to sign, but it turns out the ladies of the Woman's Board were spot on. Both Deans’ signing hands began to spasm uncontrollably as they neared the 400 mark, but we were thrilled to sacrifice our grip for such a worthy cause.

The audience sat rapt with attention and was one of our favorite audiences of all time. After the speech we retired to the anteroom and were presented with the recipes from our very own book!

From 1740 to present day, Bethesda Academy is the oldest child caring institution in the country.

From 1740 to present day, Bethesda Academy is the oldest child caring institution in the country.

From its earliest days as an orphanage in 1740 for 61 children in Georgia, Bethesda Academy has evolved into a successful middle and high school serving a diverse student population. With an emphasis on integrated learning and spiritual development, Bethesda Academy offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students with various learning styles.

The Deans love that!

This book is for you!

Suzanne Pollak

The Deans are so excited! Our textbook is being printed and bound as we write this. In seemingly no time you will be able to hold our book in your hands and read it at your leisure. You never have to feel disconnected from the Academy again. Answers to all life's vicissitudes are held between its covers. Restful sleep and a greatly improved quality of life awaits the owner of the Academy's book. 

Of course, the recipes are healthful and delicious, you would expect that, but, it will be the wit and wisdom that keeps you ordering books for all your acquaintances. The Deans anticipate waves of civility and gracious living occurring everywhere the book is read. 

Being the know everything- know everyone Deans that we are, naturally we are intimate with the back end of Amazon's purchase list. We know to a man who has who has bought our book and who hasn't. We are just saying.... buy our book here