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MBA Academy Style

Suzanne Pollak

The most successful and happy people we know (two things the Deans strive to be) are one woman and one man, not married, whose life's motto is Playing With Friends. The two of them have more time and energy for business than any other two people we know, and it just dawned on the Deans why. They have gone out of their way to become friends with the people with whom they work. These relationships were not only strengthened at the office and restaurants. Both their houses were constantly engaged as well. By allowing business associates into their private spaces they highlighted sides of themselves that other people might have never guessed at and therefore became multi-dimensional people in an instant. 

Identify some of the people who you admire in your business world, and invite them to your house to dinner. Maybe mix in some of your friends from outside of business, or maybe not. 

The Deans have taken a page from our own book and revived the Academy lunch, which we let fall by the wayside. We thought we were too busy working, but we forgot that mixing work and fun is the best way to live and the surest way to success. Playing With Friends just became our motto too. They don't own that! Now we do! 

The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits Handbook