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Down to the Quick: Walk Tall

The Deans


Now begins a new series, Down to the Quick (as in: "Things that Make you Bite your Nails"). The Deans have been there, they know nerves, and this series will represent two distinctly different solutions to the social challenges we all face. Without further delay, then...

For months Dean Manigault has been looking forward to a two-day junket in New York City. For the first time since her wedding, she has two big events to go to on two consecutive nights. The dresses are packed, the shoes re-heeled, the blow-out appointment confirmed. What could go wrong? This: her date canceled and she realized that instead of her best friend being her escort and companion, she would now have to walk into two different and enormous parties by herself, all dressed up with no one to go with. Instantly, her mind turned to canceling her trip.

Luckily, she was not alone when she got the news. Dean Pollak was simply amazed. How could she cancel? In Dean Pollak’s opinion the only thing that changed was that she would not be fettered to her date all night and could flit from person to person. The thrill of the unknown invigorates Dean Pollak and she has laid it down that if Dean Maniaugult cancels she is a wuss. She gave Dean Manigault the game plan for a sure fire life-changing evening. The three principles: (1) Don’t sit down or you’ll be trapped. (2) Go right to the middle of the room. Do not stand near the bar or food (almost as much as a quagmire as sitting down). (3) Look for a person standing alone, or a friendly face and introduce yourself. The point is not to attach yourself to someone, the point is to move from person to person making real conversations or connections. How does Dean Pollak know this works? She goes into every event convinced she is going to meet someone fascinating and so she always does. The mindset is as important as anything else.

Which Dean would you follow?