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Cocktail Shakers Gone Wild

Suzanne Pollak

Our new favorite piece of kitchen equipment is one we don’t own at this moment. We’ve owned them in the past, of that we are sure, but where the hell are they now? Like socks in the dryer, cocktail shakers seem to be out and about without consulting us. We know cocktail shakers are the life of the party, and we mistakenly thought we could own one, but evidently you just give temporary shelter to a cocktail shaker because neither one of us can find ours. Hopefully ours have come to rest in some of your bars and are shaking your parties up.

Since we can’t find our cocktail shakers the Deans will waste no time in shopping for new ones. One of us wants stainless, the other wants sterling, and which wants which changes from moment to moment. 

The Williams Sonoma cocktail shaker gets our seal of approval.