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The Salad Question

Suzanne Pollak

No less than the venerable and esteemed Dick Jenrette, formally of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, and Classical American Homes, was thoroughly distraught on when to serve his salad. If the Deans had come a moment later, Dick’s salad leaves would have completely wilted.

At first, salad service may seem like a not so difficult problem to solve but immediately upon reflection, the Deans realized that Dick was right. There are many aspects to consider. Salad means many things to many people.

In restaurants the custom is to serve salad before dinner because it is a light and easy first course.

Some always want salad with their food, hence the salad plate. It sits off to the left awaiting to fulfill its purpose.

However, if you want the elegance and grace of the Deans (and frankly who doesn’t?) you must serve your salad after the meal. Its better for the dinner’s timing, conversation, and digestion, not to mention, it is the perfect time to serve a little bit of cheese. When can that be wrong?

The Deans solved the salad question once and for all. 

A few seasonal salad recipes to try and  Discover more recipes from the Deans here!

A few seasonal salad recipes to try and Discover more recipes from the Deans here!