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Valentine's Academy Style

Suzanne Pollak


Our Valentine's Day class sells out instantly for a reason. The Deans are not only the Doctors of Domesticity, but we have also dabbled in the dark arts of seduction. You don't need to read Fifty Shades of Grey to be ready for tonight. All that swinging around on ropes and spanking seems exhausting to the Deans and possibly a bit contrived. If you are into that, the Deans bless you, but we've been romantics for decades and have yet to herniate a disk in the process. Romance to us is a bit more subtle. We ply our prey with the briniest, coldest oysters we can find, but if we feel especially loving, we run these bivalves under the broiler with spinach and Hollandaise, turn the lights down low, and pop open the coldest bottle of Veuve Cliquot. No need to reinvent the wheel for every occasion. Undoubtably, oysters and champagne have been used before for an aphrodisiac, but why? Because they work! And pink flowers and dark chocolate go a long way as well!

Recipe for Oysters Rockefeller for Love