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Who cares what anyone did on New Years? As of now, that is so last year.

Suzanne Pollak

We are over 2013, but before we say completely goodbye to it, was it just us, or did there seem to be a little juju in that '13? We saw too many of our friends and fellows battling over the year. There is a reason why 13 is skipped over on elevators in NYC. We were to scared to mention it while it was going on, in case it exacerbated an already tense situation.

One way the Deans have decided to pep up our consistency in 2014 is with a daily high tea with friends. We follow one of our favorite literary heroines, Precious Ramotswe, from The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

The Deans agree with Gail Monaghan in her article for the Wall Street Journal when she says that nothing but a plate of these über biscuits – crumbly on the outside, moist within, piping hot, and lightly sugared – will suffice.