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Who Do You Take To Dinner?

Suzanne Pollak

Have you ever noticed that some people act completely different when their spouse is around?  The Deans notice this more often than we would have thought because we often meet with people individually through our work at the Academy. We are always looking for new dinner guests so we frequently invite them for dinner. Upon entering our house with his or her spouse the person has been totally transformed. When they are without the spouse generally people put out more. When accompanied by their spouse they have someone to lean on, and this brings out either more energy or sometimes they let their spouse be the star.

The Deans think everyone should be on the lookout for this behavior for info about themselves. Hosts deserve your A game whether you come with your partner or not. So we encourage you to start paying attention to how you behave when you are with your spouse or not. We always want to see you at your finest.