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I recently moved to Charleston, and this class was the perfect way to meet great people and get acquainted with Southern hospitality! Both of you combine all the formalities of proper entertaining with plenty of insider secrets and practical tips on how to throw a great party. You know what you’re talking about!
— Sally Newman
I look forward to trying out my new bag of tricks and entertaining with style in the future.
— Susanna Hubbell
Thank you for another memorable morning yesterday, and incredible display of your true domestic goddess powers. I will be peeling ginger frantically with a spoon henceforth, alongside all the other brilliant tips I picked up.
— Caroline von Nathusius
I LOVED our night last night! Teaching and food were amazing. You two complement each other well. It was perfect.
— Sandra Deering
The food was sublime. I’ve never had such delicious roast chicken! It was a fabulous evening.
— Leslie Turner
Thank you for last night. Wonderful class and dinner. Very useful information which I intend to try out very soon, using the chicken alternative pre-festival time.
— Billy Beadleston
I loved the class! I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for next semester!
— Kate Nevin
Hats off to the Deans — hosted holiday party for 60. Their sage advice insured a colorful, tasty menu and, most importantly, a fun, festive occasion. Thank you Lee and Suzanne.
— Whitney Powers
The class was full of priceless information on how to entertain — and was highly entertaining. And fun! And tasty!
— Blan Holman
The Deans have outdone themselves once again. This was a spectacular class, as well as practical, and refreshingly philosophical. I left energized, with a fresh approach to what is sometimes thought of (in my mind if I must admit) as “mundane” everyday cooking. I was in a rut, and am now no longer, thanks to your wisdom, humor and a fistful of new recipes.
— Zoe Ryan
I particularly liked the fact that you presented the views of each of you and different methods of preparation and cooking. Your presentation was serious, down-to-earth, and practical as well as witty and entertaining. The food, of course, was superb.
— Nan Morrison
Fun fun fun! How great to see, ask, taste, talk.... Loved watching you two do your marvelous dance. Perfect!!!
— Susan Walker
Everything was superb, beyond superb. You two even attract great “students” – is that a prerequisite?
— Eugenia Butschy
Thank you for a stellar evening. The setting, the company, the food!, the instruction were all top notch.
— Megan Embrescia
I loved it! You two are a great combo—inspiring, infectious and delightful.
— Kat Hastie
We all came away buzzing with the fun of it all and all the ideas it inspired.
— Caroline von Nathusius
I had a wonderful time and loved meeting both of you.
— Ashley Rini