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Florals Workshop: BASICS with Lily Peterson


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Florals Workshop: BASICS with Lily Peterson

Heaven & the Academy forbid carnations from the supermarket!  We have a better solution.  Flowershop, located at Mixson in North Charleston, is the Academy’s go-to local florist for earthy, organic arrangements that feel everything but store-bought.  We called in owner Lily Peterson to conduct a three-course series at the Academy that will empower students to forage and design their own florals starting with the Basics, on to Centerpieces (W 11/18), and finally with Wreaths and WINE (W 12/9) just in time for the holidays.  Leave each of these classes with an arrangement in a classic glass vessel you will want to refill again and again.

Workshop at 10AM with Tea & Toasts by the Dean.

Purchase tickets HERE.  $125 (Prices/times vary slightly for other classes in this series.)