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Dinners for Three
The Dean loves a good trio. The chicest dinner party she's attended of late happened in NYC, hosted
Spring on the Table
What is the color of money, of envy, of Spring? The answer: a perfect party theme! Antique soup plates... antique dinner plates... Ted Mueling salad plates (complete with bugs!) & a silver chalice , to reflect it all. The Dean decided to give an all-green dinner party in honor of both the weather
Important Election Season P.S.A.
dinner party It's inappropriate to talk about current politics at any dinner party, ever, or even worse, to
Thank You StyleBlueprint!
dinner party truly memorable dinner party: whom to invite, what to wear, how to make it special, and more. You can
Domestic Divas
dinner party
Cliff Notes to Cameran's Southern Charm Dinner Party
Cliff Notes to Cameran's Southern Charm Dinner Party this book you will learn exactly what to do and when in order to pull off the same dinner party Cameran Cameran asked the Dean of the Charleston Academy to help with her first ever at-home dinner party. In Dinner Party
Dinner Parties, the Southern Charm Way
arrangements, timing, organization. One thing is certain: nobody comes to a dinner party at anyone’s house dinner party lends a hand to the fabulous Cameran Eubanks, a Mama Hen on the show, with her first ever at-home dinner one way to give a dinner party. The way to give unforgettable parties is to develop your own party. Check out our guide, Cliff Notes to Cameran's Southern Charm Dinner Party, available to
POP QUIZ: Set the Table
. This one is not for credit. All we want to know is: how do you set the table for a dinner party? Ever
Dinner Parties Gone Wrong
Wondering what to do when a dinner party goes south? DON'T do what Bravo’s Southern Charmers did at captain. *Luckily behavior this bad is a reality on reality shows only and not likely to occur at any real life dinner party.
Shrimps in Garlic (and in Soup)
The Dean is obsessed with the killer Gambas al Ajillo her host made in Merviel, France. The classically simple Catalan recipe is the perfect treatment for the #1 ingredient in Lowcountry cooking: SHRIMP. We suggest you use the peels to make a fantastic starter soup, perfect for appetizing your dinner party guests when you are still at the stove... Remove heads and shells, leaving tails on, of 3 lbs. shrimp. Put the peeled shrimp in one bowl, the heads and shells in another. Toss peeled shrimp in 2-3 teaspoons of coarse salt and refrigerate for 20 minutes. (This step makes the shrimp tastier, crustier when cooked, and removes any water shrimp might be holding.) In the meantime, prepare a stock using the heads/shells and equal parts water and white wine to barely cover the shells. Add a little salt and simmer until all "shrimpiness" is released from the shells. In 15-20 minutes the liquid will taste like fish stock. Strain. To finish, measure six demitasse cups of strained stock back into the pot. Taste, and a stronger flavor is needed, boil the strained liquid dinner party plenty more white wine! There is not an easier or more delicious dinner party to be had, on either
Essential Dinners: Stock Pot 9/23
one morning -- enough food for tonight, tomorrow, and next week's dinner party. The Academy lunchroom . Starting with the trusty Stock Pot and a saucepan, improve your repertoire of one-dish dinner party standouts
Last-Minute Centerpiece
Everyone knows that a table set for a dinner party should have a commanding conversation piece at
How Many Courses to Serve?
more is definitely not more is the number of courses to serve at a dinner party. You’ve worked so hard
The Academy Roast
Our secret weapon? Sans question: Pork Butt in Milk. When a dinner party (or just dinner) looms at
Cooking the Southern Charm Way
how to throw a dinner party You saw her do it: Now you too can host a dinner party Cameran's way. In this class, you'll learn
Q&A with Dierdre Zahl, Owner of Candy Shop Vintage
heels. A dinner party at home: leggings, heels and a silk blouse with some Charleston Rice Beads and party at your house? Going to a restaurant? Cocktail party: a fun party dress, big earrings and to pic out all her own clothes and is very opinionated! How do you accessorize for parties? A dinner
What's a Weekend?
. Dean Manigault’s secret weapon for a Monday night dinner party was simple, fresh and light food. She
White Lighting
bite into the cherry (because who can follow Carrie’s advice and wait?) For a dinner party dessert
MT. VERNON XMAS PUNCH (& other Homemade Gifts)
extra special, or plan to throw a dinner party in their honor. Or, simply take all your girlfriends
The Bedrock of Entertaining
yourself! The Dean’s Cheat Sheet 7 is the perfect dinner party number. One conversation shared by
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