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Let the Deans be the spice for your next event.

You pick the date and the topic and the Deans do the rest! We will teach you and your friends how to master the lessons. Wickedly funny and wildly instructive. We get your party off and running and leave you safe in the knowledge that you’ve just had the party that will be the most talked about in town and you barely had to lift a finger.

Good for birthday parties, wedding showers, etc.

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Happily Ever After Doesn’t Just Happen...

Let The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits make your shower a REALLY fun alternative to the regular bridal shower. The Deans are ideal instructors because they are experts in the domestic arts field. Not only are we funny, more importantly, we are not your mother. You finished college, now the Deans will teach you what you need to know.

A taste of what can be covered:

  • How to make the perfect cocktail
  • How to give your first party
  • How to plan and execute your first holiday meal
  • How to have your in-laws for dinner
  • How to become an unforgettable host – a short term and long-term plan
  • How to register – hands on advice/what to register for, what are the must haves and what is junk/fluff you don’t really need and will never use

Wedding season in Charleston is all year long. Reserve your party today.

Get the glory of hosting a fab party and the Deans do all the work.
— Caroline Marandino
For an out of town wedding party, having the Deans host a shower/class in a great downtown house is the ULTIMATE way to make your event personal and very Charleston-esque.
— Logan Smith
If I hadn’t consulted with the Deans, my prince might have turned into a frog.
— Kate Middleton


250 years ago Peter Manigault clearly conducted business at his dining room table. The objectives then are the same as now, but the skill of how to entertain for business has been retooled. The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits has developed a Business Curriculum that is structured, instructive and wickedly entertaining.

Below are our two most popular offerings.



There is no second chance to make a first impression.

There are rules to entertaining and etiquette that if not known, instantly communicate a lack of sophistication. The lessons from class will be used for all aspects of business entertaining from going out to dining in. You will also learn to use your house to network, make sales, and expand your business. Learning the information is easy, but someone has to instruct. Graduates leave with a template of easy steps on how to entertain for business in their homes, even if they do not know how to cook. Home entertaining is your own personal differentiator, versus the round of golf, business lunch or office appointment. Learn in four hours how to execute a business dinner like a total professional using your own personal style, no experience necessary. Create a competitive edge and personal connection to superiors, co-workers and clients.



Strengthen your corporate community.

A mini-business retreat without the travel hassle.

All work and no play makes Jack a less efficient employee. A joint cooking class gives your team a chance to relax with one another and work towards a common goal. Problem solving has never been so enjoyable. Once the teams have followed their instructions it’s time to eat. We guarantee a strengthened corporate community. Our classes are perfectly suited to be a stand-alone event, a monthly or quarterly program, or can be incorporated into a three-day seminar.