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The Deans are available for speaking engagements, private classes, and private tutorials.

Private Class

Private Class

Panel/Speech at Monticello 

Panel/Speech at Monticello 


Everyday Cooking

Unforgettable Dinner Parties without 27 Nervous Breakdowns

Cocktail Parties

How to Give an Oyster/Pig Roast

Jams and Pickles

Valentine Excitements

Summer School

Etiquette and Comportment

Holiday Decorating and Revelry

Brunch and Weekend Festivities


The Art and Science of Living at Home: 

- Learn How to Build a More Rewarding Domestic Life

- Turning Your House and Life into a Work of Art - Through Your Entire Adult Life

- A Room by Room Walk Through  - Stories, Tips and History

- Cooking and Entertaining  - The Analytics of Living at  Home

- Finding Your StyleIt’s Not Something You’re Born With

- Keeping Manners RelevantStop Being Rude to Me!



Private Consulting

Classes in Your Home

Business Bonding Events


Why Should You Become a Graduate of the Charleston Academy of  Domestic Pursuits?

Hear answers to that important question, from.... a former CEO of Martha Stewart, publisher of Garden and Gun, director of Monticello, the world's best jeweler and some of the Grande Dames of Charleston.....

About the book...

All food, drinks, and take-home items are gifts from the Academy, and are not included in the Class fee. The Academy reserves the right to make substitutions to Class components, without compromising the integrity or quality of each Class instruction. 

By purchasing a class or classes, the purchaser hereby agrees to the Academy's Terms and Conditions

Client shall pay the Academy the total Class Fee to reserve a space in the Class. 

For cancellations made more than seven (7) days in advance, the total Class Fee will be refunded to Client. Cancellations must be made via email or telephone call to the Academy. If a cancellation is received less than seven (7) days in advance of a scheduled class, then no refund will be made. No shows will not receive a refund of any type. Clients are permitted to send a substitute in their place to the Class. The Academy reserves the right to cancel any Class prior to its start time, in which case all fees will be refunded.