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Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

-  Learn How to Build A Beautiful Life -

Nestled in the Historic District of Charleston is a tiny academy that teaches the most important subject in the world: the domestic arts. 

The academy's quirky, informative, and unique curriculum includes everything from cocktail-party etiquette to business entertaining, dealing with household guests, and cooking for the holidays.  Explore our selection of classes and accompanying handbook!  


Cliff Notes to Cameran's Southern Charm Dinner Party

Cameran asked the Dean of the Charleston Academy to help with her first ever at home dinner party. In this book you will learn exactly what to do and when in order to pull off the same dinner party Cameran hosted, including the grocery list and timeline to all the recipes, from roasting a prime rib to making chocolate mousse. 

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A modern masterpiece of etiquette that will expand your domestic horizons while keeping you entertained in the process. This is NOT your Grandmother’s etiquette book!
— Cameran Eubanks, Bravo TV's Southern Charm


Princess Grace of Monaco at her wedding, with  a cake to behold!

Princess Grace of Monaco at her wedding, with  a cake to behold!

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