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A home is where everything starts from.
— T. S. Eliot

The Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits is a consortium of experts and enthusiasts: world-class chefs, prolific authors, academics, CEOs, florists, beekeepers, musicians, and more.  Co-founded in 2012 by presiding Dean Suzanne Pollak in Charleston, SC, the CADP offers year-round culinary courses, topical lectures, skills workshops, field studies, our Handbook in print, plus additional resources online.  Our platform is designed to equip students with the tools for building a beautiful life, and for maximizing every square inch of her primary investment, financial and otherwise.

A house is a machine for living in.
— Le Corbusier

The mission of the CADP is to ensure it is a well-oiled machine, organized according to our personal values.  It should foster our daily habits and instill a source of pride.  Our household, be it a grand estate or a studio for one, should be filled with people and things we love (or at least think we might), whomever or whatever that may be.  It should reflect our truest selves, and the legacy we hope to leave behind. It should ground us in our vision for our lives, and for the communities we hope to live in.  There is purpose & simplicity in ritual, ceremony, and in continuing our best traditions -- roots in our complex and storied pasts, a source of reliable comforts.