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Coffee Punch


This recipe is served at the Tuckahoe Woman's Club Garden Party each year.  The ladies say that this 'tried and true' tradition has been a favorite for years, so anticipated that six to eight recipes are made for their Annual Garden Parties.  The Deans can attest that the punch is indeed delicious.  We were told that something extra was spiked in our punch cup, but we can't see what that secret spike is in their published recipe...


1 gallon milk

12 tablespoons instant coffee

8 tablespoons sugar

1 gallon vanilla ice cream


1.  Pour some milk out of the gallon to make room for adding the dry ingredients.  Using a funnel, add the instant coffee and sugar to the milk in the jug.  Add remaining milk back into jug and shake to mix thoroughly.  Chill overnight.

When ready to serve, pour punch over softened scoops of vanilla ice cream.


"From the Tuckahoe Table to Yours"  --In celebration of the Tuckahoe Woman's Club 75th Anniversary