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Fried Turkey


This outdoor activity requires that you purchase a dedicated turkey fryer--a metal stand attached to a propane tank, over which a large cauldron full of hot oil is placed.  The turkey is lowered into said oil for a little under an hour.  Tips number one and two are making sure your bird is completely dry and has been brought to room temperature before immersing it in the oil.  Tips number three through ten: Never abandon your bird.  Frying is much faster than roasting, so you are only going to need 45 minutes, but you will need to adjust the flame throughout as the oil temperature fluctuates.  Although you are going to cook the bird at 350 degrees F, you want the initial oil temperature to be 400 degrees F to insure maximum crispness of skin.  The oil temperature will drop when the bird enters the oil.  Now your job is to keep watch over the thermometer and adjust the flame.  Too high and you risk burning the bird, too low and your bird will emerge greasy.  Once you've fried one turkey, we know you will fry another.


3 gallons peanut or other vegetable oil

One 13 to 18 pound turkey


1.  Heat the oil to 400 degree F, following the directions on your turkey fryer.  

2.  Carefully lower the turkey into the oil and fry for 3  1/2 minutes per pound.

3.  Remove the turkey, letting the excess oil drip off, then transfer to a cutting board.  Let the turkey rest for 10 to 20 minutes before carving.